Thank you for visiting my website. Please take time to browse my galleries. I normally upload or change the photos monthly.
I have been taking photos for over 50 years, both professionally and as a serious hobby. I really enjoy the latter, because it is certainly more fun and I am able to see things that I normally not see at a professional shoot. My favorite subjects are sports and candids. I love being on the field, court or diamond; wherever the action may be. I attend many events and travel to a number of towns and cities and love to catch people doing what they do every day. You will see those types of photos in many of my galleries.
You may purchase any of the photos by clicking the "Buy" button while viewing in the large view panel to the right of the gallery screen. A number of my photos are custom cropped for effect and those photos require custom framing. If you see a photo that you like but do not like the custom crop, please contact me and I can return it to its original size. If you would like to contact me, send an email to or call me at 717-598-3693. I am available for location and sports photoshoots.
Thank you and enjoy.
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